A ventiquattro mani


Docu-film, Italy, 2017, 79 ‘.

Photography:  Luca Zambolin

Direction: Luca Zambolin

Editing: Alberto Rigno, Davide Vizzini
Sound engineer: Davide Corsato
Original music: Andrea Davì, Mirko Brigo, Nicola Sanguin

Produced by: Francesco Bonsembiante ( Jolefilm )
in collaboration with: Cooperativa sociale Nuova Idea, Fondazione Antonveneta
with the support of: Montura, Hera

“Comunità Alloggio Orizzonti” in Abano Terme hosts twelve people with disabilities. The documentary follows a year in the life of the community, in the period in which its guests are engaged in the creation of a pictorial work realized with twenty-four hands. Daily life and artistic experience come together giving rise to new communication possibilities triggering interference, frictions and emotions, forming a wider community reality.