Nicola Sanguin (1988) lives and works in Padua, Italy.

He studied Electronic Music Composition and Music Informatics at the C. Pollini Conservatory of Padua (2011-2018) where he obtained the first and the second level academic diploma degree. Among the others, he studied with Alvise Vidolin (from wich he learned the techniques of Live-Electronics and Sound Spatialization), Nicola Bernardini (with whom he attended courses in Computer Science and Electroacoustic Music Composition), Giorgio Klauer and Alberto Novello (from wich Nicola opened up to the new technologies and multidisciplinary aspects of sound). During his years of study he followed several master classes held by composers such as Curtis Roads, Agostino Di Scipio, Tristan Murail, Nicolas Collins, Marko Ciciliani.

In 2013 Sanguin participated in the National Award of the Arts 2012/2013 in the “Electronic Music and New Technologies” section, selected with his acusmatic composition “Texture”.
In the same year, on the occasion of the 57th International Festival of Contemporary Music in Venice coordinated by the Venice Biennale, he took part in the implementation team of the sound installation “Eco-Acou-Scan“. In the same context, he performed at the “Aperitivo Sonoro”, for laptop ensemble led by Paolo Zavagna.

In 2014 he followed the workshop “Bozzetti sonori, voce e gesto nel design dell’interazione sonora“ held by Davide Rocchesso and coordinated by SaMPL (Sound and Music Computing) of Padua. In the same year he exhibited in Padua the sound installation “Banda Babbage: appropriation and reinvention of obsolete technologies” during the second edition of “Scrap out Upcycling EXPO”.

In 2015 he took part in the workshop “Maps! Descriptors and maps in music composition, sound design and art” organized by SaMPL. At the end of 2015 he collaborated to the sonification of an exhibition space in Padua, promoted by the GAI Association (Giovani Artisti Italiani), composing for the occasion the “Concret Piano” soundscape.

In 2016 he took part in the SaMPL school “Sonic Interaction Design for Paper Artworks and Artifacts“. In June of the same year he attended a seminar on audio hacking held by the American composer Nicolas Collins; under the direction of Collins, he performed for the first time in Italy the David Behrman’s composition “Wave Train“. In the same year he took part in the implementation team (lead by Giorgio Klauer) of the interactive sound sculpture “Cello”.

In 2017 he composed together with Andrea Davì and Mirko Brigo the soundtrack for the documentary film “A ventiquattro mani” by the Paduan film director Luca Zambolin. In the same year he performed “Watercolour Scores”, a collective improvisation at the Living Lab Music 7.

Between 2015 and 2018 Sanguin played in bands such as Lay Llamas (Rocket Recordings, UK) and Orange Car Crash (Was Ist Das?, USA).
He is currently active with his solo project Nicolas Gaunin (Artetetra, IT), in addition to his recording/production/post-production studio activities and sonifications/sound design works.

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