Nicolas Gaunin

Nicolas Gaunin is the solo project of Nicola Sanguin.

The project mixes polyrhythmic lines of percussions samples, a few simple modal melodies and exotic soundscapes, all played with a set of toy/low-fi electronic instruments. The goal is to mash up musical suggestions from different cultures into a chilling repetitive cosmic sound.

“Arohiohi” from Noa Noa album. Directed by Luca Zambolin

Noa Noa tape album
Monogram Nicolas Gaunin
Portrait © Luca Zambolin
Only Fucking Labels Festival, Macerata (IT)
XM24 / Olé Festival, Bologna (IT)
Black Sphynx, Padova (IT)
Je T’Aime Summer Student, Padova (IT)
Saturnalia 2018, Milano (IT)
“Noa Noa” tape, released by Artetetra Rec
“Noa Noa” tape, released by Artetetra Rec, Artwork by Nadia Pillon